Kindergarten Readiness Test

Estimated Time to Complete this Assessment: 10 min

This free online Kindergarten Readiness Test is designed to be completed by parents and caregivers getting their children ready for school. The test consists of 45 questions covering the five domains of kindergarten readiness and concludes with overall recommendations and suggestions for your child.

Taking a kindergarten test

A Higher Level of Feedback

Free Kindergarten Testing Results Scorecard

A Research-based Approach

Based on The Five Domains of Kindergarten Readiness, you'll be able to view your child's performance across each developmental area.

Visualized Performance

View your responses against anonymized data from thousands of other parents so you can quickly see how prepared your child is for school with their peers.

Specific Recommendations for Your Child

Activities, Worksheets, and More

KinderIQ is loaded with child-friendly activities, custom printable skills worksheets and fun games to make learning fun while focus on developing the core skills necessary for success in kindergarten.

Immediate Results

Get instant feedback based upon your online responses and start targeted skill building right away.

Kindergarten Skills Recommendations

What makes KinderIQ different?

Kindergarten Test Question Breakdown

Compared to their peers...

Any kindergarten screening test can give you a score.

Only KinderIQ can show how your responses compare to thousands of other children across the country of the same age. Use real data to focus your learning activities on areas that truly matter.

KinderIQ delivers the highest quality Free Kindergarten Readiness Test with no strings attached!

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