KinderIQ is an online learning resource to help children master the fundamental math and reading concepts necessary to succeed in the first years of school.

Learning Expectations

Help your child know what to expect when they enter the classroom and ease the transition into school

Individualized Results

Determine if your child is ready for part-time or full-time kindergarten and avoid the stress of not being prepared

Age-Based Comparison

See how your child's level of school readiness compares to other children of the same age

Real-time Feedback

View detailed recommendations based on answers to 43 questions covering the five domains of kindergarten readiness

"Developmental Age"

Understand how your child's "Developmental Age" compares to their actual age, providing a deeper insight into their school readiness

AI Interpretation and Analysis

Artificial Intelligence analyzes tens of thousands of readiness test results to present the most actionable learning recommendations

Free Kindergarten Readiness Test

Based on The Five Domains of Kindergarten Readiness

Instant Feedback

Get immediate results with actionable insights with our 100% online test that can be taken on a computer or mobile phone.

Real Results

Compare your responses to thousands of others to determine where to best focus future learning activities.

Free Kindergarten Testing Results Scorecard

Actionable Insights

Get recommended activities, worksheets, and more based on your responses to 43 multiple choice questions.

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Print, Save, or Share results with educators to help in the transition to school or keep your information completely private. No email address required!

What makes KinderIQ different?

Compare your results to anonymized data from thousands of other parents

Question Breakdown

Compared to their peers...

Any kindergarten screening test can give you a score. Only KinderIQ can show how your responses compare to thousands of other children across the country of the same age. Use real data to focus your learning activities on areas that matter.

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Kindergarten Test Question Breakdown

“We find the single most important factor in predicting later academic achievement is that children begin school with a mastery of early math and literacy concepts.”

Greg Duncan, Northwestern University researcher

Free Printable Skills Worksheets

Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Knowledge Concepts

Practice Skills

Download and print our free Kindergarten Worksheets to refine the early childhood skills necessary to succeed in the first years of school.

Printable Worksheets

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Take our free online Kindergarten Readiness Test and get specific worksheet recommendations to help your child excel.

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