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Understands basic concepts of time
(morning, afternoon, night time)

4 years, 6 months old
  • 2% Not Yet
  • 9% Sometimes
  • 21% Most of the Time
  • 69% Almost Always

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Make a Calendar

Make a Calendar Printable Worksheet

Practice writing numbers and enhance time concepts by making a three-month calendar.

Scene Order 1

Scene Order 1 Printable Worksheet

Cut out each picture and put them in the right order to practice event sequencing and storytelling.

Telling Time 1: Write the Time

Telling Time 1: Write the Time Printable Worksheet

Look at each clock and write the correct time below.

Telling Time 2: Complete the Clocks

Telling Time 2: Complete the Clocks Printable Worksheet

Look at the time shown and draw the appropriate hands on each clock.