Sight Words for Preschool and Kindergarten

Before kindergarten and preschool children learn to read phonetically, they can begin memorizing common words (also known as sight words or Dolch words) that make up most of the written text they'll read in their lives. About 200 words make up between 50% and 70% of all English text! (There are well over 100,000 thousand words in the English language!) alphabet-letters-banner By beginning to practice, review, and memorize this "small" list of 200 to 300 words, children will be more comfortable reading short stories and be able to begin the process of understanding more complex word patterns. Click here for our printable sight word list.

The Sight Word List (A-L)

a about after again all always am an and any apple are around as ask at ate away baby back ball be bear because bed been before bell best better big bird birthday black blue boat both box boy bread
bring brother brown but buy by cake call came can car carry cat chair chicken clean coat cold come corn could cow cut day did do does dog doll done don't door down draw drink duck eat egg eight
every eye fall far farm farmer fast father feet find fire first fish five floor flower fly for found four from full funny game garden gave get girl give go goes going good good-bye got grass green ground grow had
hand has have he head help her here hill him his hold home horse hot house how hurt I if in into is it its jump just keep kind kitty know laugh leg let letter light like little live long

The Sight Word List (M-Z)

look made make man many may me men milk money morning mother much must my myself name nest never new night no not now of off old on once one only open or our out over own paper party pick
picture pig play please pretty pull put rabbit rain ran read red ride right ring robin round run said saw say school see seed seven shall she sheep shoe show sing sister sit six sleep small snow so some song
soon squirrel start stick stop street sun table take tell ten thank that the their them then there these they thing think this those three time to today together too top toy tree try two under up upon us use
very walk want warm was wash watch water way we well went were what when where which white who why will wind window wish with wood work would write yellow yes you your
To make practicing these sight words easier, try our fun, online printable kindergarten worksheets containing many common sight words flashcards. The KinderIQ free Kindergarten Readiness Test features dozens of online questions to help you assess your child's readiness for school and allows you to compare your responses to thousand of other parents so you know where to focus future learning activities.