Outdoor Activities For Kids

Outdoor Activities For Kids

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Toe paints


It's the exact same as finger painting but with your feet. My daughter and I will put down large pieces of poster paper in our backyard and ditch our shoes and socks. She loves it and I can just hose off our feet and my patio when we are done.

Finger Paints


Sure this is one of the messiest playtime activities that your preschooler can get into, but let's face it: preschoolers love to get messy! Do this activity in a controlled environment by making sure your child has on clothes that can take a stain or two and is in a place that is easy to clean up afterward. Then sit back and let her go. Her smile will be reward enough that this activity is worth any amount of mess and the work of art that she will create can be hung on a wall to show how her creativity is blossoming.