Holiday Activities For Kids

Holiday Activities For Kids

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Making Masks


You will need a paper plate, scissors, construction paper, glue, makers or crayons and a wooden stick for the handle. It is easier to cut out the holes for the eyes first. Let your child go wild with creativity cutting shapes and designs and then gluing them onto the paper plate mask. Use the crayons and markers to color and decorate as well. When your child is satisfied with the decorations, use the glue to attach the wooden stick onto the paper plate for the handle.

Inside Snowman


If your child is too young to go out and play in the snow, try bringing the snow in for her. Lay out some towels on the floor. Fill a bucket with snow and then place it on your towels. Let her touch the snow and feel how cold it is. Describe the snow to her as cold, white, wet and so on. Pack the snow into three balls, each on a bit larger than the first. Assemble them on the towels to make a snowman. The snowman can then be decorated as desired with items that are safe for a toddler to handle such as a hat, scarf. Take a picture because this work of art is sure to melt soon being indoors.