Group Activities For Kids

Group Activities For Kids

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Dump a Cup


This game requires a plastic cup, two dice, stickers, a piece of paper and a writing utensil whether it be a pencil or crayon. Choose an order for the players to play in. The first player puts the dice in the cup, shakes them a bit and then dumps the dice on the floor. The player then must write down the numbers on the dice and then add them together.

Each time they get the answer correct they get a sticker to stick on themselves wherever they choose. This game can get very silly as it goes by quickly and stickers tend to be stuck all over the players. Keep the laughs going and the speed going while helping those players that need the extra help to keep them interested in the game.

Various Card Games


The popular card game called "War" is perfect for kindergarteners to play. Its simple rules are easy to explain and remember and the game can last for as long as your child remains interested. The game is played using a full deck of cards. Deal out the cards into two face down piles of 26 cards. Have your child choose a pile to use and you take the remaining pile. Each of you flips over the top card of your pile and puts it face up in the center of the playing area. The person whose card is the highest in number wins the match and keeps both cards. If both cards have the same number on them, it's war!

Three cards should be placed face down in the playing area and then a fourth and final card is flipped over. The person whose fourth card is the highest wins all 10 cards on the playing area. When both of your original piles of 26 cards have been used, make a new pile using the cards won from previous matches. This game can continue until one person is completely out of cards. The person with the most cards wins.

Another great game to play is the ever popular "Go Fish". To play with kindergarteners it may be suggested that the first few games be played open-handed, all cards facing up so that the parent may help the child through the game until the child becomes confident to play on their own.

To play, deal out each player seven cards. The remaining cards go into a pile that should be located in the center of the playing area. Spread those cards out to make a "pool" of cards. The object of this game is to make pairs of cards or two cards of the same number.

When it is your turn, simply choose another player to ask if they have a card with a specified number on it. If they do, they must give you the card. If they don't they say "Go fish" and you choose a card from the "pool" in the center of the playing area. If a pair is made the player lays out the two cards on the playing area for the other players to see. The player with the most pairs wins.