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Computers in Early Childhood Lesson Plans

Today’s children are more exposed to technology than ever before. Lesson plans developed for preschool and kindergarten children can benefit from including a technology component. Computers, as well as tape recorders, video recorders and other technical tools, will help children experience the digital world in fun, new ways that weren’t possible before. Incorporating computers into […]

Reading To Your Child – 10 Reasons To Do It

Parents have many priorities when it comes to their children, not the least of which are to keep them happy, healthy, and educated. With so many activities vying for children’s attention these days, it’s easy to overlook one of the most basic methods of promoting early literacy: reading to young children for 15 minutes a […]

Lessons, Games, and Worksheets to Help Kids Read

For many parents, teaching their child to read is among the most difficult things to do to prepare them for kindergarten. Often, parents believe that once their child knows the ABCs and has reached a certain age, such as 4 or 5, they should be ready to read. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case, and […]

Four Fun Kindergarten Educational Games

When children are between the ages of about three and six, one of the most important things you can do for them is to integrate their play with learning through fun educational games. Your child may think that he or she is playing a “game,” when in fact they are learning a variety of skills, […]

How Children Learn To Read

A child’s ability to learn and understand language begins in infancy. Some pediatricians believe that reading to a child in the womb not only familiarizes them with words and sentences, it also sets the stage for early vocabulary expansion. A child’s mind is like a sponge, soaking up everything they see, everything they feel and […]

The Most Important Factor For School Readiness

In 2007, research data from six longitudinal studies covering over 36,000 preschoolers was analyzed to determine factors important for school success in children preparing for kindergarten. According to Northwestern University researcher Greg Duncan, “We find the single most important factor in predicting later academic achievement is that children begin school with a mastery of early […]

Careers in Early Childhood Education

From the earliest moments of life through childhood, from infants to young children, early education is a fundamental part of building a foundation of lifelong learning through the support of emotional wellness and cognitive development for every developmental stage. By training in Early Childhood Education, important opportunities become available to help build the future of […]

10 Things Children Should Learn in Kindergarten

The kindergarten year is packed with activities and lessons that children absorb in order to be successful throughout their entire school career. Today’s kindergartners are expected to begin the year ready and willing to learn. By the end of the year, here are 10 areas teachers are hoping new first graders have a handle on. […]

Computers For Today’s Children

Getting ready to start school today is dramatically different than it was when we were children in many ways. Children are more aware of the adult world, more sophisticated and certainly more aware of technology and the internet than was imaginable even a few years ago. So when preparing your child for preschool and kindergarten, […]

Three Early Childhood Writing Activities

Many children begin writing or play writing well before they can read even the simplest words. Something about making letters and transcribing their own thoughts by putting pen to paper seems to trigger the imagination of the youngest learners. Here are three children’s writing activities you can use to guide your child’s writing enthusiasm and help develop […]

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