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Project & Collaboration Based Learning

Effective Project Based Learning for Young Children

Project based learning can be a truly effective way for young children to learn new skills. This is especially true for children in kindergarten and preschool. It is a way to teach a child not to isolate itself. It teaches a child to problem-solve and work in a group. This new, modern way of learning differs […]


All About Dolch Sight Words

The Dolch sight word list represents the most common words in daily language and, if learned at an early age, can help children master early literacy skills well ahead of their peers.

common core standards

What Does Common Core Mean for Early Learners

As school curriculums and employer demands become ever more challenging, it stands to reason that children need to prepare more thoroughly for their future academic and business endeavors. This has led to the creation of the so-called Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as a way to ensure that children receive sufficient training in the core academic […]

learning goals for kindergarteners - celebrate the success

Tips on Setting Learning Goals for Kindergarteners

It goes without saying that you as a parent want your children to be successful in every aspect of their lives. But is it really necessary to set learning goals for kindergarteners? Of course it is. Learning to set and accomplish goals from an early age is one of the keys to success. It helps […]

kindergarten testing explained

Understanding Kindergarten Testing

Kindergarten is a major event in your child’s life. It’s a point of transition from a safe environment into new, unfamiliar surroundings, with many other children, teachers and a different daily routine. Also, many schools administer kindergarten testing as a readiness evaluation tool. As a parent, your job is to help your little one cope […]

First Day of School Tips for Your Kindergartener

The first day of school is both exciting and somewhat stressful for both children and parents. While some parents manage and get well organized, others find it quite challenging. In order to avoid the stress, it is essential to get well prepared and have a fail-proof strategy. These first day of school tips will help you […]

essential homeschooling tips for parents

Essential Homeschooling Tips for Parents

The thought of taking on the education of your children can be both exciting and overwhelming. At times, you’ll find questioning yourself whether you’ll be able to find the time, resources, and ideas to successfully complete this task. The most important thing is to remember you can do it, as many other families do. You […]

is preschool worth it

Is Preschool Worth it or Recommended?

Is preschool worth it? In fact, is it really all that important? As soon as children turn 3 or 4, these questions start bothering most devoted parents. There’s both a lot of pressure to send the kids to preschool and arguments that they are better off at home with the parents. Therefore, it’s understandable if you […]

The 7 Ways to Build an Excellent Parent Teacher Relationship

A solid parent teacher relationship is extremely important for you to develop. Remember that your child spends a large portion of the day in the classroom with their teacher. After all, both you and the teacher have your child’s best interest at heart and an open communication channel will help you share concerns and work better […]

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