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Children sharing

Strategies to Promote Sharing and Taking Turns

If you have a young child, you have probably realized that your child will go through phases from time to time. For example, your child has probably had a “mine” phase where he or she essentially marks everything as belonging to him or her. It can be a challenge to get children to correctly interpret […]

Multi-colored blocks

Strategies for Teaching Basic Shapes and Colors

If you have a child that is getting ready for kindergarten, you are probably trying to make sure they are as ready as possible. One of the areas that children need to learn at a young age involves shapes and colors. These skills are important for making sure children are ready to start their journey […]

Child counting on fingers

Four Tips to Teach Your Child to Count to Twenty

Helping your child to develop strong number sense is one of the best ways to help them prepare for math in school and later in life. Luckily, there are many fun and easy ways to help your child learn to count to 20. The following tips will help you teach your child to count to 20, […]

Child choosing the left or right path

Tips for Teaching Children Left from Right

Learning left and right is an important activity for children getting ready to start kindergarten. There are a few helpful strategies that parents can use.

help your child be more mature at school

How to Help Your Child be More Mature at School

tl;dr Start young – don’t wait for school to handle common maturity issues Emphasize accepting responsibility for one’s actions (the things you can control) Make honesty a priority at home – explain why even little fibs lead to lack of trust (for both parents and children) Focus on self-control and how it is a lifelong […]

gifted child - intellectual skills

What Does Being Gifted or Talented Mean for a Child?

tl;dr Every child is unique and deserves the best opportunities for success “Gifted” spans multiple areas: Intellect Academic Creative Social Physical Leadership And many, many more! Find your child’s passion and nurture your child’s talents Avoid activities that result in too much stress to young children Help your child grow through reading and discussion Celebrate […]

nurture curiosity in children

How Can I Help My Child be More Curious about the World?

tl;dr Children are naturally curious – don’t discourage them! Curiosity drives better learning Set a good example – ask questions and keep learning Challenge ideas Provide encouragement when children question ideas Encourage flexibility and creativity Love and support foster good habits Help them find their passion Compare their cognitive development and school readiness against their […]

extra curricular activities for kids - yoga

Here are Some Excellent Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Extra curricular activities are the key to promoting physical and mental wellness in children, especially in kindergarten and preschool. By engaging your children in fun and challenging activities, you let them uncover their innate talents and help them become well-rounded grownups. The good thing about extra curricular activities is that they are generally fun and […]

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