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Child getting dressed by himself

Awesome Tips to Teach Children to Dress Themselves

Teaching young children to dress themselves can be frustrating for parents and children. These quick and easy tips will help remove frustration and make the process enjoyable for children and parents.

Children sharing

Strategies to Promote Sharing and Taking Turns

If you have a young child, you have probably realized that your child will go through phases from time to time. For example, your child has probably had a “mine” phase where he or she essentially marks everything as belonging to him or her. It can be a challenge to get children to correctly interpret […]

Multi-colored blocks

Strategies for Teaching Basic Shapes and Colors

If you have a child that is getting ready for kindergarten, you are probably trying to make sure they are as ready as possible. One of the areas that children need to learn at a young age involves shapes and colors. These skills are important for making sure children are ready to start their journey […]

first day of school tips

First Day of School Tips for Your Kindergartener

The first day of school is both exciting and somewhat stressful for both children and parents. While some parents manage and get well organized, others find it quite challenging. In order to avoid the stress, it is essential to get well prepared and have a fail-proof strategy. These first day of school tips will help you […]

IQ Tests For Children – Are They Helpful?

The KinderIQ free Children’s IQ Test is a tool to help assess fluid intelligence in children as young as three years old. As a parent, you surely want to provide the best education for your children. However, there are different factors in play when choosing an appropriate school or a career track for your kids. Some […]

Six Benefits of a Preschool Education

If you’re a parent uncertain about whether to send your child to preschool, consider that preschool offers invaluable benefits that can greatly impact the course of your child’s life. It boosts cognitive development and gives children a head start in learning social skills that will likely affect their future relationships. It also provides children with […]

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