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nurture curiosity in children

How Can I Help My Child be More Curious about the World?

tl;dr Children are naturally curious – don’t discourage them! Curiosity drives better learning Set a good example – ask questions and keep learning Challenge ideas Provide encouragement when children question ideas Encourage flexibility and creativity Love and support foster good habits Help them find their passion Compare their cognitive development and school readiness against their […]

extra curricular activities for kids - yoga

Here are Some Excellent Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Extra curricular activities are the key to promoting physical and mental wellness in children, especially in kindergarten and preschool. By engaging your children in fun and challenging activities, you let them uncover their innate talents and help them become well-rounded grownups. The good thing about extra curricular activities is that they are generally fun and […]

The 7 Ways to Build an Excellent Parent Teacher Relationship

A solid parent teacher relationship is extremely important for you to develop. Remember that your child spends a large portion of the day in the classroom with their teacher. After all, both you and the teacher have your child’s best interest at heart and an open communication channel will help you share concerns and work better […]

IQ Tests For Children – Are They Helpful?

The KinderIQ free Children’s IQ Test is a tool to help assess fluid intelligence in children as young as three years old. As a parent, you surely want to provide the best education for your children. However, there are different factors in play when choosing an appropriate school or a career track for your kids. Some […]

Your Child Can Learn Life Skills Through Games

While we all like playing games, children are especially drawn to games and game-like activities. This makes games the perfect vessel for children to learn life skills. Specially designed “learning games” are some of the most efficient learning tools you can find. Utilizing such games with your children, will help them acquire valuable skills that will serve them immensely later […]

how to raise a lifelong learner

Here’s How to Raise a Lifelong Learner

tl;dr Teach that there is more to life than school Do activities together to show you’re interested in learning about the world (like reading books and watching documentaries together) Help them find their passion Use multiple resources to find information (try offline tools!) Ask and answer (and encourage) lots of questions As parents, we are […]

Intelligence Tests for Children

As parents, we sometimes seem overly eager to obtain that magic number known as an IQ score. An intelligence quotient test, or IQ test, is a common way to find out how a young child’s mind is developing. Most schools don’t offer IQ examinations for students, leaving parents searching for alternative options when it comes […]

Characteristics of Gifted Children

tl;dr Observe your child’s learning habits Examine judgement and reasoning strategies Consider a free online IQ test to measure fluid intelligence Compare school readiness against peers Is your child gifted? Parents can spend a significant amount of time, energy, and money on learning aids and educational tools for gifted and talented children. All children are […]

Reading To Your Child – 10 Reasons To Do It

Parents have many priorities when it comes to their children, not the least of which are to keep them happy, healthy, and educated. With so many activities vying for children’s attention these days, it’s easy to overlook one of the most basic methods of promoting early literacy: reading to young children for 15 minutes a […]

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