Speech therapist practicing vocal exercises

When is Speech Therapy Really Necessary?

As a parent, you want what is best for your child so they can thrive in this communicative world. Speech therapy is one of several options available to help children struggling with early language, but not necessarily the best one.

Children sharing

Strategies to Promote Sharing and Taking Turns

If you have a young child, you have probably realized that your child will go through phases from time to time. For example, your child has probably had a “mine” phase where he or she essentially marks everything as belonging to him or her. It can be a challenge to get children to correctly interpret […]

Child choosing the left or right path

Tips for Teaching Children Left from Right

Learning left and right is an important activity for children getting ready to start kindergarten. There are a few helpful strategies that parents can use.

help your child be more mature at school

How to Help Your Child be More Mature at School

tl;dr Start young – don’t wait for school to handle common maturity issues Emphasize accepting responsibility for one’s actions (the things you can control) Make honesty a priority in the home – explain why even little fibs lead to lack of trust (for both parents and children) Focus on self-control and how it is a […]

gifted child - intellectual skills

What Does Being Gifted or Talented Mean for a Child?

Is your child gifted? Every parent likes to think that their child is unique, has special talents and shows signs of being ahead of their peers. How can you tell if you truly have a gifted child? And if your child really is gifted, should you modify your parenting according to the different talents you identify? Parents often struggle […]

nurture curiosity in children

How Can I Help My Child be More Curious about the World?

Curiosity in children is a natural thing. Shortly after coming to this world, all human beings start gazing at new objects trying to understand their environment. Long before they start using words, children’s brains are actively working to understand new experiences. However, for some children curiosity dulls as they grow up. This is why parents […]

extra curricular activities for kids - yoga

Here are Some Excellent Extra Curricular Activities for Children

Extra curricular activities are the key to promoting physical and mental wellness in children, especially in kindergarten and preschool. By engaging your children in fun and challenging activities, you let them uncover their innate talents and help them become well-rounded grownups. The good thing about extra curricular activities is that they are generally fun and […]

The 7 Ways to Build an Excellent Parent Teacher Relationship

A solid parent teacher relationship is extremely important for you to develop. Remember that your child spends a large portion of the day in the classroom with their teacher. After all, both you and the teacher have your child’s best interest at heart and an open communication channel will help you share concerns and work better […]

IQ Tests For Children – Are They Helpful?

As a parent, you surely want to provide the best education for your children. However, there are different factors in play when choosing an appropriate school or a career track for your kids. Some children are better at math and engineering. Others are more adept verbally or in writing, and may be better suited to pursuing […]