Rhyming Words

Effortless Rhyming Strategies for Ages 3, 4, and 5

Rhyming skills are one of the best predictors of future reading and writing success. Use these strategies to give your child a literacy head-start with rhyming skill-building activities.

Multi-colored blocks

Strategies for Teaching Basic Shapes and Colors

If you have a child that is getting ready for kindergarten, you are probably trying to make sure they are as ready as possible. One of the areas that children need to learn at a young age involves shapes and colors. These skills are important for making sure children are ready to start their journey […]

Child counting on fingers

Four Tips to Teach Your Child to Count to Twenty

Helping your child to develop strong number sense is one of the best ways to help them prepare for math in school and later in life. Luckily, there are many fun and easy ways to help your child learn to count to 20. The following tips will help you teach your child to count to 20, […]

Child choosing the left or right path

Tips for Teaching Children Left from Right

Learning left and right is an important activity for children getting ready to start kindergarten. There are a few helpful strategies that parents can use.

homeschool socialization essentials

Homeschool Socialization: Ways to Keep Your Homeschooled Child Socially Active

If you are the proud parent of a young child, chances are you have considered homeschooling at one point or another. While this type of education offers numerous benefits, many parents still struggle with worries about the “homeschool socialization issue”.   Effective ways to keep your homeschooler socially active When children attend school, they are becoming a part of […]


All About Dolch Sight Words

The Dolch sight word list represents the most common words in daily language and, if learned at an early age, can help children master early literacy skills well ahead of their peers.

essential homeschooling tips for parents

Essential Homeschooling Tips for Parents

The thought of taking on the education of your children can be both exciting and overwhelming. At times, you’ll find questioning yourself whether you’ll be able to find the time, resources, and ideas to successfully complete this task. The most important thing is to remember you can do it, as many other families do. You […]

Lessons, Games, and Worksheets to Help Kids Read

For many parents, teaching their child to read is among the most difficult things to do to prepare them for kindergarten. Often, parents believe that once their child knows the ABCs and has reached a certain age, such as 4 or 5, they should be ready to read. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case, and […]