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extra curricular activities for kids - yoga

Here are Some Excellent Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Extra curricular activities are the key to promoting physical and mental wellness in children, especially in kindergarten and preschool. By engaging your children in fun and challenging activities, you let them uncover their innate talents and help them become well-rounded grownups. The good thing about extra curricular activities is that they are generally fun and […]

Project & Collaboration Based Learning

Effective Project Based Learning for Young Children

Project based learning can be a truly effective way for young children to learn new skills. This is especially true for children in kindergarten and preschool. It is a way to teach a child not to isolate itself. It teaches a child to problem-solve and work in a group. This new, modern way of learning differs […]

learning goals for kindergarteners - celebrate the success

Tips on Setting Learning Goals for Kindergarteners

It goes without saying that you as a parent want your children to be successful in every aspect of their lives. But is it really necessary to set learning goals for kindergarteners? Of course it is. Learning to set and accomplish goals from an early age is one of the keys to success. It helps […]

Your Child Can Learn Life Skills Through Games

While we all like playing games, children are especially drawn to games and game-like activities. This makes games the perfect vessel for children to learn life skills. Specially designed “learning games” are some of the most efficient learning tools you can find. Utilizing such games with your children, will help them acquire valuable skills that will serve them immensely later […]

Expanding Vocabulary with Rhyming Games

Rhyming is one of the first skills that children can practice to start understanding letter-sound-word relationships and can be a fun way to expand early vocabulary by building on familiar word patterns that children are already comfortable with. In addition to reading rhyming stories and nursery rhymes, try these simple rhyming games to continue reinforcing […]

Sight Words For Preschool and Kindergarten

Before kindergarten and preschool children learn to read phonetically, they can begin memorizing common words (also known as sight words or Dolch words) that make up most of the written text they’ll read in their lives. About 200 words make up between 50% and 70% of all English text! (There are well over 100,000 thousand […]

Lessons, Games, and Worksheets to Help Kids Read

For many parents, teaching their child to read is among the most difficult things to do to prepare them for kindergarten. Often, parents believe that once their child knows the ABCs and has reached a certain age, such as 4 or 5, they should be ready to read. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case, and […]

Three Early Childhood Writing Activities

Many children begin writing or play writing well before they can read even the simplest words. Something about making letters and transcribing their own thoughts by putting pen to paper seems to trigger the imagination of the youngest learners. Here are three children’s writing activities you can use to guide your child’s writing enthusiasm and help develop […]

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